Faster Development

Faster Development

Apply proven patterns and helpers that allow you to focus on the big picture instead of repetitive plumbing code

Code Reuse

Code Reuse

Use proven, trusted code that was organically created for enterprise companies, driven by real requirements for highly scalable Sitefinity applications

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Cut expensive development costs dramatically with quick installation, tutorials and best practices leveraging Falafel Software's years of Sitefinity experience


Extend, Don’t Hack

Create custom implementations of many core features - without resorting to hacks. Extend the behavior of Babaganoush in your application, while still enjoying the ability to upgrade to newer versions of Sitefinity and Babaganoush in the future.

Conventions & ConfigurationsConventions & Configurations

Jump start your site development with proven best practices and patterns, while still being able to configure settings for your custom solutions from a familiar user interface.


Custom Modules

OOP Code & APIDynamic Modules & Consistent API

Easily work with dynamic modules and custom fields for Sitefinity applications. Write less code with more consistency when using Babaganoush’s API to access Sitefinity’s core features.

Flexible JavaScript FrameworkFlexible JavaScript Framework

Client-side architecture included and ready for consumption to create rich, interactive JavaScript applications. Modern tools, techniques, and libraries are baked right in, such as Web APIKendo UI, and RequireJS!



Easy ThemingEasy Theming

HTML boilerplates and responsive layouts built-in to simplify the process of creating new sites and templates. Did we mention we love Bootstrap?!

  • Chevron
  • Mammoth
  • Brandes
  • J2 Global
  • Eway